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How To Explain A Cross Platform App Builder To Your Boss

You have been working on a new cross-platform app using a cross platform app builder, and you’re just about done with it. You’ve tested it on your own devices, tweaked the interface until it’s perfect, and you’re ready to share it with the world! But now you have to explain it to your boss. Here’s how to do it without blowing their minds or making them skeptical…
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How To Use Cross-Platform Programming Languages: Expectations vs Reality

Cross-Platform languages are not something new. For more than two decades, cross-platform development has been with us, but each programming language and technology evolved differently, adopted different architecture, and offered even more choices to consider.  Today we are going to talk about different cross-platform programming languages, why they are good and what are their disadvantages…
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How To Get The DelphiCon 2021 Desktop Wallpaper

DelphiCon 2021 is coming up soon and in order to get in the spirit we created this desktop wallpaper that captures the essence of DelphiCon. DelphiCon 2021is the best way to learn all about yourfavorite programming language. Sessions are planned around the latest features, as well as general best practices, and emerging technologies that apply to all versions. There are also sessions…
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Third party community sites based around Embarcadero tools and frameworks. English Discord – “Delphi Programmers” Discord group – independent but actively monitored by Embarcadero staff. Discord – “Delphi Community” Discord Group – independent but actively monitored by Embarcadero staff. Slack – Delphi Worlds…
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