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Everything You Need To Create Windows Apps With C++

When you want to create a new app for Windows 10 or a new version, Windows 11, the first decision you make is what type of app to build. No matter what your app idea is there is a great selection of Windows app development tools to choose from. Microsoft has focused it’s more recent efforts on the C# programming language and its own proprietary technologies of WPF, UWP, WinForms, and .NET…
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5 Of The Many Reasons LearnCplusPlus.org Is A Hidden Gem

Hello C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.orgis packed full of great articles for professionals and beginners alike. The posts vary from articles suitable for people who are just starting to learn C++ – basics like string handling, pointers, loops and all those fundamental building blocks of this rich and powerful programming language – to much more in-depth and advanced subjects…
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Windows 11 Styles and Effects - Updating Your GUI - Webinar

In this article, you’ll learn more about the Windows design language, what has changed, and how to make your applications look their best on Windows11, view the webinar’s recording. The Five Eras of Windows UI Windows ClassicWindows XP (Luna)Windows AeroMetro (aka Microsoft) Design LanguageMicrosoft Fluent Design System Windows Classic From Windows 3.11Simple…
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5 Ways To Modernize Your Data Access Pipeline

Building database applications with Windows IDE: RAD Studio (Delphi & C++ Builder) gives the best experience for developers. For instance, if you want to connect to a database, just drop a database connection component into the project and select the source of the data. Then open the LiveBindings designer and link the database fields to the UI controls and that is it! If you want to…
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