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LearnCPlusPlusOrg :: Counting Prime Number Benchmarks

Prime numbers are interesting area to research. A prime number, it is also called prime shortly , is a natural number (a positive integer)  greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers. There are several mathematical questions regarding prime numbers are still unsolved.  Finding them and relations and their effects on some other functions, graphics really interesting in…
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Everything You Need to Know About Cross-Platform Development

Recently I have discussed various topics on cross-platform development. We have explored and discovered different cases of cross-platform mobile and desktop development and learned about the best options when it comes to native and cross-platform development. Here a great selection of useful articles about cross-platform development we’ve published in the last few months. We also go on to…
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How To Save Money On A Native iOS App Builder

According to a Statista survey released in February 2022, the number of smartphone users worldwide is around 6.6 billion and is expected to grow to more than 7 billion by 2027 [1]. Having multiple platform availability of your application is crucial to tapping a wider market…

10 Signs You Should Invest in Cross Platform Apps

Cross platform apps are becoming increasingly popular as they allow users to access their favorite apps and programs on multiple devices. If you are considering investing in cross platform app development, here are ten signs that it’s a good idea! How to determine…

FreeAndNil() - Delphi Developer Debate

You are familiar with FreeAndNil(), but do you use it? How often? Are you using it right? As with most things in software development, it is a complicated topic. So let’s see what the experts have to say. We are going to debate the details in a friendly discussion with some of your favorite MVPs. This blog post will include the replay, slides, and more after the webinar. The Survey…
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A Beginner's Guide To Windows Tools For Developers

It’s hard to ignore the huge success that Microsoft has had in encouraging users to adopt Windows. Even today with competition from Linux, macOS and even more esoteric device choices such as Chromebooks with their ChromeOS Microsoft Windows is the overwhelmingly dominant choice for both business and home users. Whatever platform you target as a developer, the goal is always the same…
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