DataSnap Server Method Stream Parameters

Author: Jim T1392 This is a continuation of my posts on DataSnap server method parameters and return types. This post is about TStream and TDBXStreamValue. The sample client and server projects that go with this post can be downloaded here: See my earlier posts on “Basic” and “Basic DBXValue” types. I’ve yet…
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Sharing Violation Error with Paradox Tables.

Author: quinn Technical Information Database TI265B.txt Sharing Violation Error with Paradox Tables Category :General Programming Platform :All Product :BDE All Description: This error is most commonly caused by a "Lock File Contention". A lock file…
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The Next Wave In Analytics Reporting Is Your IDE Software

The world is becoming increasingly data driven. Our everyday reality now is a hugely interconnected world society with data points on everything from what we want to purchase to how many times we braked too hard on our last road-trip. Without data, businesses cannot succeed and expand. They may have a stream of data coming from different sources, but it is useless without analytics. But did you…
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A Beginner's Guide to Windows App Development Tools

Are you a developer looking to build apps faster with less coding involved? Do you want to use the same code to create apps across different platforms? Do you also want to ensure you are using a development tool which can handle large projects and provides extended…

Local Cloud - Data Management with InterBase and AWS

Cloud is great, but sometimes you want local data too. This session takes a look at how to synchronize your data between Amazon’s cloud-based data hosting (AWS) and InterBase local storage. Learn the advantages of such a system and when you might want such an…
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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Windows App Development?

Windows 11 marks a visual evolution of the Windows operating system. As Windows moves forward, customers set a higher bar for desktop applications and massive demand for Windows app development. These customer expectations can be: Good performance on the low-cost appNative app user experienceComplete matching with the latest design principlesSupport for modern window features like window…
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Top 10 How-To’s: Modernization

Application modernization, also known as legacy modernization, involves updating existing software and its features to benefit from technological advances and maintain performance. Modernization can involve making apps cloud-native to lower cost and increase scalability and…

Building The Future With Delphi #Delphi27th

Bill Clinton was President, Windows 3.1 was king, and CompuServe was still a thing. The R&D team at Borland Software Corporation which included Anders Hejlsberg, Gary Whizin, Chuck Jazdzewski, Dave Scofield, Allen Bauer, Hank Cox, Marc Cousineau, and Ray Kaestner…

5 Tools Every Windows Developer Should Be Using Right Now

If you are serious about Windows app development you should really should know these five superb tools which can help you get the absolute best out of your great ideas.  How can Delphi 11 Alexandria make Windows app development faster and easier? Delphi 11 Alexandria is the latest version of the Delphi IDE and provides native app development 5x faster compared to other development…
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