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Learn About The Delphi Language Growth and Modern Capabilities

The Delphi has been blazing fast application development environment for over 25 years now and it continues on growth. Delphi is swift and capable of creating any application if you know how to use Delphi!

Currently, with the Delphi, you can create apps for many operating systems: 

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS

Moreover, capable of creating backend services and web applications.

In this video, “The Delphi Language Evolution” you can learn how to apply modern features of the Delphi language to your needs.

Delphi Language History in 4 Dates

  • 1983 – Turbo Pascal
    • Everything started!
  • 1995 – Delphi’s Object Pascal
    • Year of new programming languages
  • 2009 – Modern Object Pascal
    • Generics, Anonymous Methods, Reflection and Attributes
  • 2018 – Inline Variables & Type Inference

These are not just additional features, these are additional programming models. It means, beyond the OOP with the Generic Types, Anonymous Methods, extended RTTI, and the ability to create highly dynamic code.

Be sure to watch the webinar!

And check out the new features of the Delphi language here:

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