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5 Aqua Data Studio features for an Application Developer

Data has become one of the most important aspects to any company.  As databases evolve to support big(ger) data, highly available web applications, and deal with more complex levels of business logic, the applications that represent the user interface and business logic of this change have become more challenging. For many application developers, we don’t just write application code. We spend a decent amount of time developing and manipulating queries to boost application performance and quality. This is why we use RAD Studio to build these applications for more efficient development and faster go to market time.

While RAD Studio allows us to develop our applications, there are certain aspects that can be enhanced by other tools, such as when visualizing data and building or analyzing queries.

Aqua Data Studio is a productivity IDE for anyone and everyone working with data.  Whether you develop and manage the database or just need to build and run queries, it is an easy to use feature rich database IDE that lets you work quickly and efficiently to get your data.

Multi-OS and Multi-Platform

Developers are no longer tied to working with a single OS or one database server. One of the main benefits of Aqua Data Studio is the ability to not only connect to more than 35 different data sources, including excel spreadsheets, but also that the software will install on Windows, Mac OS and even Linux.

Check out the database platforms ADS supports

Easy to generate and build ER models

In a lot of cases, we don’t have to start from scratch and build out new or even generate an ER model of our databases. But for those that do have generate or build models, it is great to have an easy to use tool that lets you see the full picture of your database, the objects and how the relationships interconnect.

Schedule SQL Tasks

Repetitive SQL jobs can be time and resource consuming, so having an easy way to schedule and analyze job activity for your data sources is important. Using an easy to configure sql scheduler can help make running scripts in the future a lot easier.

Visually Build Queries

SQL is a very powerful language, but forming complex queries can be time consuming, especially when you have sub-queries, joins, database specific sql statements or slow running queries. Query Builder lets you build and optimize queries with a simple and easy to use drag and drop interface.

Create Visuals of Any Data

You can analyze data with a drag and drop interface that is easy to use. You can use your query results and pull them into worksheets that create engaging visualizations of your data before adding them to dashboards. Drag data dimensions directly into your whitespace to start visualizing and analyzing your data.

Click here if you want to see more in-depth videos and resources on Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio has many more features, so try it out.  If you are a RAD Studio Architect user with Update Subscription, you already have access to Aqua Data Studio. If you don’t have the Architect edition, you can download a 14-day trial of ADS and take a look.

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