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Join the RAD Studio 11 “Olympus” Wallpaper Contest!

olympus wallpaper contest blog

In Marco’s blog post about the Olympus beta, you learned that the next version of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder will be number 11. You also learned the code name for the beta: Olympus. I don’t know about you, but the combination of Delphi spartan helmet, images of Athena, and the code name Olympus have me very excited to see the kind of wallpaper our talented community can produce.

One of the perks of working at Embarcadero is I’ve taken it on myself to create many of the beta splash screens. In Marco’s blog post you saw part of the current Olympus splash screen. I thought a great way to kick off this wallpaper contest would be to share modified versions of the different variations I came up with for Olympus. And if you consult the November 2020 Road Map you will see one of the features planned for the next release is a High DPI upgrade for the IDE. All the more of an excuse to make 4K wallpapers!

rad studio november 2020 road map

I modified these to be closer to 4K, instead of the usual splash screen size of 632 x 400, or even the High-DPI splash screen size of 2212 × 1400. These are all “RAD Studio,” but feel free to make Delphi 11 or C++Builder 11 wallpapers. Have some fun with it!

  • olympus 11 splash screen camera 3187906
  • olympus 11 splash screen moutain 2 1914039
  • olympus 11 splash screen acropolis 9905397
  • olympus 11 splash screen vector 1 3890713
  • olympus 11 splash screen moutain 1 6520540

What about prizes I hear you say? I’m sure I can come up with something, although the love and adoration of the community might just be enough… I’ll come back later to add some more details, but wanted to get start the creative process for everyone so you can start brainstorming some ideas…

(It looks like my 4K wallpapers were automatically compressed. I’ll figure out a way to make some uncompressed ones available tomorrow.)

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