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Combining the Strengths of Delphi and Python (Part 2 Replay)

Part 2 of the Python for Delphi developers webinar.

You can find part 1 here, the getting started guide, and the original post on the webinar series. Visit the Python4Delphi repo.

Q&A Log

Question AskedAnswer Given
Where are you?Right here
Good morning
Good morning
Forest of Dean UK
hi! i’am here )
thanks for joining us
Good evening!
From Moscow
Good Night in Indonesian Time
Can one read, or create, data frames of the type that are used in the Pandas module in Python? Can one in Delphi assign or otherwise copy them to ordinary arrays?Yes, in the same NumPy arrays were created and manipulated.
What unit must we use to get access to Import()?
Ah, it is VarPyth.pasIndeed
Where do I get the Demo25?
can I make a function written in delphi (which uses internal proprietary classes) to be available in python?Yes , watch the first Webinal
When sharing lists or tuples between Python and Delphi, does Delphi assume that all elements are the same data types (as is the case for numpy arrays)? For instance, can Delphi use a Python list of [1, 2, 3, None, 5]?No, they can have different data types.
Thank you for using SVG graphics.  This is a great solution for the web.  I hope you will show us how to display an SVG from our Delphi application.
Is it possible ?
yes, that is what he is showing.
Where to get this SVGImageLib?I believe it is available in GetIt as SVGImageList or take a look here https://github.com/EtheaDev/SVGIconImageList
nice, and simple to use 🙂
Where can i watch the first Webinar? URL?Here is the first one
{$I Definition.Inc} why do I have this error You need to add the source to your path. I cover it in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjY6lBgrHhM
Where would we find Demo25?
It is in the GitHub repo
Does it work on a Mac?yes
So you can use threads to learn in python?
can we get the sample projects for the Graph functionality ?If yes from
All the samples from today are here
Sorry, I miss part I. Where could I see it?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCz5h96ObUM
Thank you so much!
PythonGUIInputOutput.path is VCL specific, rejected by the Mac Delphi compiler. So how to make the demos work on a Mac? SimpleDemo
what with FPU exceptions when we use DelphiModule from within Python?
Is also WrapDelphiFMX?I don’t see that in the source code, but it sounds like it is possible. Source
Are there licensing issues with this VCLModule approach? Seems like it encapsulates a lot of the value of Delphi GUI creation in a give-away/DLL form.
I’m not sure about if you were to redistribute that Python module for use by people who don’t have a Delphi license. You would need to look at the EULA. I’ll try for find clarification too.
Amazing!Agreed! -Jim
Congratulations Kiriakos,
Your content is fabulous and you are an incredibly effective presenter!
Could you share with us which tools were used to generate your slide deck? The dim / highlight animation that you invoked to help viewers focus on specific code snippets should be universally adopted.
So many amazing open source projects entirely neglect to orient potential users, so your presentations are especially noteworthy and will surely prove helpful to the wider adoption of Python4Delphi.
Thanks from all of the community for all your exceptional efforts!
It is a combination of PowerPoint and Camtasia. Agreed.
An interesting and useful webinar – thank you very much.
Thank you!
Amazing ditto!
May I express my thanks for a very interesting talk?
Thank you very much!
thank you for your webminar 🙂
thank you.
Will demos be updated ? Often () missing in print; initsripts…Feel to make a pull request.,
Hi! Can we use all python libraries in DLL?yes
Thanks a lot for another great presentation
great presentation – very inspiring
Is there a demo which pass a TObjectDictionary (or similar key-value structure) to python and get a python dict ?
Not specifically, but take a look at the demos Demos
Fantastic and very helpful work. Bring the power of Python data science capability to Delphi.yes, agreed.
You said that the FPU exception mask for Python is different from the one that Delphi expects.

If I have Python running in a thread, won’t the main (Delphi) thread behave differently than we’re used to whenever a FPU exception happens?
When you change it all threads will use the updated mask MaskFPUExceptions
Maybe Delphi wrapper (PYD) is more targetted at Python developpers…yes
In case of future questions:
Who to contact or is there a recommendation for a forum or community ?
Potentially could be adding a forum under DelphiPraxis.
A short manual with all the usable methods with short description, that are available in the package, would be very nice.There is a lot of existing support material and demos to get you started. Perhaps more people will contribute docs. You are welcome too as well. 
Can i create a numpy array of delphi variants?Yes
Instead of building a VCL form in Python, can I create a form in Delphi normal way, and then call/use it from Python, like handle events, etc.yes, exactly. 
Fantastic, excellent, very grateful for your teachings !!!
Thank you, as the first part it was very impressive. Is there a possibility for contribute the project with a donation?You can contribute here pyscripter
Demos have been updated in the last two weeks.
Parentheses are there now
Ah great!
Congratulations(muito obrigado) Kiriakos (very cool)
Thank you for your amazing work!
Can delphi & python function use for numeric method problems?
Will we see a Python-Pascal 3 webinar ?
If there is interest please let me know and I will see what we can do. 
great presentation and examples – congrats!!
Do we need 10.4.1 or can we also wok with Delphi 10.3?It will work with 10.3 today. 
Greetings from Poland, thank you
If we reopen this webinar will the questions and answers be included?
I will post the Q&A log here
Hello, just to confirm: if you are able to use the VCL then it would be possible to use another GUI frameworks, which are based (subclassing) the VCL?yes
Runs in 10.4.1yes
Thank you, nice tool.
Great 🙂
Great. I don’t need to learn RUST! Delphi and Python would do great stuff now!Yes!
Great session. Thanks for putting it on.
Any notes on debug of combined Delphi Python systemUse PyScripter to debug the Python code.
I can confirm Py4D works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
Could he address generating SVG with user-access to SVG elements ?
That is an function of the SVG rendering library in Delphi. Some of the back ends of the SVG library he demoed do support that. 
Can we use web-socket?Sure.
 This was another very cool webinar. Really good to learn more about P4D, Thank you!
Thank you guys. 
Thank you all !!!
I’m using Delphi + Python + Firestore (google) it’s working!

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