Introduction to REST WebServices in Delphi with Danny Wind (Webinar Series)

Every App and application needs a REST web service Introduction to REST WebServices in Delphi with Danny Wind is a live series of four 1-hour sessions, each on creating web services (with WebBroker) in Delphi. This series is ongoing and has been published at Blaise Pascal Magazine. Total just over 50 pages of explanation and exercises. Each session would be live, very little slides with the…
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Day 1 - Learn to Code Summer Camp 2021

Check out Day 2 & Day 3 The response so far has been amazing. We have almost 7,000 students from 175 different countries registered so far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we pass 10K before it is over. Here is a little chart breaking down the countries everyone…
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Exploring ARM on the Desktop

In the next TCoffeeAndCode session at noon CDT on June 30th, we are taking a look at Delphi 10.4.2 on the new desktop Arm based Apple M1 CPU with both MacOS and Windows 10, with a little look at the recently announced Windows 11. I’ll be updating this post with more…