Opening a file with the default program on Windows and Mac

I’ve been using the windows API call ShellExec for years to pass in the file name of a file I want to launch programatically with the default application on Windows; but I am now creating an application for use on Windows and Mac with FireMonkey for the upcoming season of Developer Direct LIVE Mobile Summer School (starting Tuesday 16th July) and I need to implement the same functionality on…
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Getting to grips with using FireMonkey Grids

Although there is a huge amount that is the same for Delphi and C++ Builder developers between VCL and FireMonkey, one thing that has changed is the FireMonkey grids. FireMonkey Grid Example After a recent question at an event, I thought I would put a little demo together to…

Writing a FireMonkey DLL for use with a VCL application.

VCL App calling a FireMonkey DLL We have had a lot of questions on the road show tour about how to mix Fire Monkey and VCL. Although this is not officially supported, a number of blogs have started to appear with ways to do this. One way that is appropriate to add additional…