Asking Questions to Get Answers

Asking development and troubleshooting questions is a mix of art and science. Sites like Stack Overflow and other developer community forums will often reject questions that do not meet their standards. Even when you are sending a support request to our premium update…

Embarcadero Cool App for January: BeePOS

As more small and home businesses continue to enter the marketplace, point of sale (POS) technologies have become a critical part of modern economy. I’m excited to report that one of the real innovators in this market, BeePOS, is the winner of Embarcadero’s Cool App…

Collecting Multiple Pages of REST Results in a Single MemTable

I’ve run into this a few times, where a REST Service returns results in pages, so you have to make multiple passes to get all the data. One thing I love about the RAD REST Client Library is the ability to store all the data in the FDMemTable where you can work on it. Unfortunately when you can only get part of the results that limits the functionality. Here is a simple solution to get all the…
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