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Alister Christie And Serge Pilko Talk Delphi, Part 3 of 3: Why Delphi, And Why a New Book

On 12 January Serge Pilko, Embarcadero MVP and founder of Softacom, a world leading Delphi software development services and software solutions provider, published a video of his interview with Alister Christie, author of the legendary “Code Faster in Delphi” and the creator of hundreds of videos that have shown many of today’s Delphi developers around the world how to program and…
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Top 10 How To's: Windows 11

The most recent version of Windows, Windows 11, was released in October 2021. It is critical that you update your applications to support it. RAD Studio 11, Delphi 11, and C++Builder 11 previously supported Windows 11. Let’s take a look at our top ten How-for…

App Store Deployment Comparison Between Delphi And Electron

This blog post compares the Delphi and Electron frameworks based on Application Store Deployment, specifically whether the framework’s IDE makes it easy to deploy directly to native platform application stores by reducing deployment complexities and shortening time-to-market. This post is part of a whitepaper benchmarking the two frameworks. The “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform…
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Code Size Benchmark Comparison Between Delphi And Electron

Code size is a simple metric that compares the number of lines of code required to create the benchmark application in the study. The “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform Framework Through Benchmarking” whitepaper evaluates two frameworks supporting multi-platform desktop application development: Delphi and Electron. This is the fifth in a series of blog posts looking more closely at…
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Top 10 How-To’s: Modernization

Application modernization, also known as legacy modernization, involves updating existing software and its features to benefit from technological advances and maintain performance. Modernization can involve making apps cloud-native to lower cost and increase scalability and agility, and to enable remote teams to maintain and update it. Besides improving performance, modernization extends the…
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