7 Tips For Learning To Build Powerful Windows GUI Apps Using Python And Delphi

Python4Delphi is the library that provides the integration between Python and Delphi. It is effectively a bidirectional bridge that allows Delphi to execute Python code and call Python libraries and allows Python to call modules written in Delphi in otherwise interact with Delphi code, objects, interfaces, records, etc. For example, you could wrap the VCL from Python and use it to create an…
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Boost Productivity With The Latest New Packages From Embarcadero GetIt

The GetIt Package Manager is the package manager built into the RAD Studio IDE that allows you to browse, download, purchase, and install packages. Packages may provide libraries, components, IDE extensions, and SDKs. Packages available in the package manager can be browsed on the Embarcadero GetIt site and downloaded in the IDE or via a command line. Additionally, the latest list of new packages…
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Embarcadero Dev C++: Successfully Modernizing A Popular Windows C++ IDE

In October of 2020, Embarcadero sponsored and released a new fork version 6.0 of Dev C++ with improvements that included an updated GCC 9.2.0 compiler with support for Windows 10 and C++17/C++20, high DPI, UTF8 files and improved icons, and a dark theme option. An earlier update in July featured an upgrade of the Dev C++ code to Delphi 10.4. Download Dev C++ Now Why Embarcadero Decided to…
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9 Insightful Books For Mastering Delphi On Sale For $5 Each

Packt is a publisher of programming books and video courses and there are quite a few Delphi books published through their platform. They are running a sale right now where you can get each e-book (and video course) for $5 each. There are at least 9 books (most of them pretty recent) related to Delphi for sale through their platform including just published books like “Delphi GUI Programming…
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