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7 Tips For Learning To Build Powerful Windows GUI Apps Using Python And Delphi

Python4Delphi is the library that provides the integration between Python and Delphi. It is effectively a bidirectional bridge that allows Delphi to execute Python code and call Python libraries and allows Python to call modules written in Delphi in otherwise interact with Delphi code, objects, interfaces, records, etc. For example, you could wrap the VCL from Python and use it to create an application GUI. PythonGUI.org is a website dedicated to learning how easy it is to build Python GUI applications in Delphi with Python4Delphi.

You can use Python4Delphi a number of different ways such as:

  • Create a Windows GUI around you existing Python app.
  • Add Python scripting to your Delphi Windows apps.
  • Add parallel processing to your Python apps through Delphi threads.
  • Enhance your speed sensitive Python apps with functions from Delphi for more speed.

Python GUI Post Roundup

The first post here covers why native GUIs for Python built in Delphi are more performant than other solutions such as Tkinter, PyQt, and more.

Why Native GUI is Important:

  • Performance: Windows provides hardware acceleration for native controls.
  • Windows Handles: Native Windows controls have Windows handles providing better OS and intra-application integration.
  • Consistent Behavior: The use of native controls gives users consistent behavior between all applications they use.
  • Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) is the framework that leverages native controls to provide accessibility interfaces like screen readers

The next few posts here cover some basic Python syntax and running this syntax from within your Delphi app. The Delphi app provides a convenient way to create Python GUI applications for Windows. Delphi applications can be 10X faster or more than Python code in some cases but adding Python’s scripting ability can really power up your Delphi applications and give you access to some powerful Python libraries.

Bonus: Textual Analysis And Data Processing

These next two posts give you an overview on how you can use two popular Python libraries (NLTK and TextBlob) from within Delphi for things like textual analysis and textual data processing.

Head over and check out more posts about building visually stunning Python GUI apps for Windows using Delphi.

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