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Advanced ETL Processor Named Embarcadero July Cool App Winner

Somehow I forgot to post that the winner of our Cool App contest for July 2017 was Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise. The extract, transform and load software helps large organizations build data warehouses and automate complicated business processes with ease. Here is an excerpt from our press release about the Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise. It is a great tool, go check it out!

ETL Tools

Built with Embarcadero’s Delphi development tool, Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise ensures data is processed the fastest way possible and tested and profiled constantly. While most ETL tools use hundreds of different connectors, Advanced ETL Processor uses a Universal Data Reader and Writer concept that transforms data based on data definition, regardless of the underlying content. These components are highly configurable and allow customers to reuse their integration mappings again and again as their business data changes.

“One of the most powerful features of Delphi is the ability to work with a variety of databases, data sources and data types,” said Jim McKeeth, chief developer advocate and engineer at Embarcadero. “Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise wraps those features into a powerful application that makes the extraction, transformation, and loading of data simple and easy to manage without writing a single line of code. This is a great example of a Cool App that turns complex data integration into an automated process that doesn’t require training or technical expertise.”

Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise includes a built-in scheduler, business rules designer, package designer, report designer and data browser. The application works with a wide range of data sources, including XML, Access, Paradox, ODBC, Oracle, SQLite, Salesforce, and InterBase. Additionally, it includes support for automation, validations, and transformations on the data as it moves it between data sources.

“Delphi’s advanced data access is the key to making a robust tool like Advanced ETL Processor,” said developer Mike Rewnick of DB Software Laboratory LTD. “Embarcadero does the same thing we do: make the complicated simple and empower users.”


Our Cool App contest is open to any business or consumer application built with RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. Qualifying apps can use VCL, FireMonkey, DataSnap, EMS, FireDAC, InterBase and any other components, libraries, services, sites, infrastructures, APIs or devices. Embarcadero awards Cool App contest winners a $500 Amazon gift card and winning submissions are also highlighted on the company’s YouTube channel

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