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Alister Christie And Serge Pilko Talk Delphi, Part 3 of 3: Why Delphi, And Why a New Book

On 12 January Serge Pilko, Embarcadero MVP and founder of Softacom, a world leading Delphi software development services and software solutions provider, published a video of his interview with Alister Christie, author of the legendary “Code Faster in Delphi” and the creator of hundreds of videos that have shown many of today’s Delphi developers around the world how to program and…
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Native Windows Development Clean Code Has A Dirty Secret

There are many benefits of using clean code for native windows development, but increased productivity might be the most important. A productive development tool will save developers time and effort. Moreover, it will also minimize system downtime and customer frustration due to lower error counts. But clean code has a dirty secret. In an interesting article on TechCrunch, “Why…
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The C++Builder 25th Anniversary: Historical Article on C++ Builder Language Extensions

To help celebrating C++Builder 25th anniversary, I’m republishing a very old article of mine on the C++ language extensions introduced by Borland back then. As you have probably heard, soon after Delphi’s 27th birthday, C++ Builder is celebrating its 25th anniversary. You can read more about the product history, on this great blog post by C++Builder PM David Millingtonon…
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