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Why Should You Spend More Time Thinking About Cross Platform Development?

Why Should You Spend More Time Thinking About Cross Platform Development

In the last few years, cross platform development has taken the front seat. It lets developers write code once and implement it across all platforms.  

Native app development requires different code for different platforms. It also requires Android Studio as an IDE and a suitable SDK. However, cross platform development frameworks need a single Codebase. It can compile builds for iOS and Android. 

There is no need to develop applications from scratch for all platforms. Developers can save time with a low code platform. There are various tools for this purpose. These include RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++ Builder. These tools help you develop applications faster with one codebase. It works for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

What is cross platform Application development?

The term cross platform development is also called hybrid app development. It’s an approach to building apps compatible with different platforms. Developers write code once and reuse it. It lets them release a product quickly. 

For cross platform development, use intermediate programming languages. These include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are not native to operating systems and devices. Developers package the applications into native containers. Then they integrate them into platforms.

There are some fundamental strategies for using cross platform development. These include:

  • Compiling different versions of the same program for different OS.
  • Make a program abstract to accommodate different environments.
  • Use of sub-tree files to fit the product to different operating systems.

What is the difference between native and cross platform development?

Native applications rely on native technologies. Developers can deploy native technologies to their native devices. Cross platform development offers multi-platform compatibility. 

The hassle increased while using native app development. Because you need to build two separate apps for Android and iOS. However, these apps appear similar in functionality. But they need different codebases. It is required to accommodate the need for native app development. 

Why Should You Spend More Time Thinking About Cross Platform Development Picture of the Zen of coding being in the zone

What are the Advantages of using cross platform development?

These are some advantages of using cross platform applications.

1. Cross platform development should allow you to reuse the code components

Despite using new code for each platform, reuse the same code. It lets developers release products faster across all platforms. It also reduces the effort of doing repetitive tasks. You can develop features for Android and iOS with a single codebase. As a result, cross platform development optimizes efficiency. However, it’s not completely a new concept. But it’s been used in software development for years. The software industry gets benefits from reusing code with this technique.

2. A good cross platform development solution reduces overall cost

Businesses are embracing different advanced strategies. But not everyone can afford to build native applications. Mobile apps help businesses deliver a personalized experience. Cross platform development helps businesses reduce the overall cost. They can build applications for distinct platforms efficiently. The approach works great for corporate products that are less profitable. Companies can save costs by developing a universal solution.

3. Implementation with the right apps builder software should be easy

There are various tools like RAD Studio offering cross platform solutions. This makes it easier for developers to do adjustments. For instance, tools like RAD Studio offer a single-codebase framework. For instance, you can write code in HTML. And then modify it for different operating systems. It makes the implementation of apps across different platforms easier. 

4. Cross platform development should not mean difficult product maintenance

The application development lifecycle is not simple. There are imminent bug fixes and improvements. Imagine resolving them for multiple applications. It would not be feasible at all. But with cross-platform development, focus on a single code. It means fewer tests and a feasible way to deploy fixes. It makes product maintenance easier for developers.

5. The right cross platform development solution should encourage and enable faster development

Cross platform development is less time-consuming. You need to use only one codebase to create a ready-to-launch product. It lets you hire fewer developers, which is cost-effective. To make necessary changes, you improve only one multi-platform code. There is no need to modify separate codebases before the product launch. Moreover, make applications faster with low code development platforms. It takes less time to conquer the market using cross platform apps.

6. Good IDE software and the right cross platform development frameworks should also be good for prototyping

Build cross platform apps as an MVP to check a business hypothesis. This approach costs you less than native application development. It’s good for startups to avoid any risk. They can consider the profitability of their business ideas. This technique works well for prototyping and presenting new ideas. It lets you get user feedback and analyze statistics. You can show your innovative projects to investors. Cross-platform development is more cost-effective than ever.

7. Consistency between platforms is key to efficient cross platform development

Modern cross platform frameworks are dynamic and convenient. It’s easier to build highly-standard apps compared to native apps. You can develop them using React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, etc. You may not get all the required features you want. But some tips help you work out complex ideas. It becomes easier with cross platform development tools.

8. Reaching a wider audience is a benefit – and a threat

Cross platform development makes apps accessible to a wider audience. These applications work on different platforms, including the web. It’s a great way to maximize your exposure. Cross platform development is beneficial for your business growth. 

9. Good IDE software promotes faster and easier updates

Cross platform application updates are easy. The reason is that these apps are internet-based. You do not need to download separate updates. It would need maintenance and support of various app versions. The application is updated automatically for all customers. It helps ensure they have the most recent version of applications. This will positively impact the app’s performance. 

10. Cross platform development can mean shorter time to profitability

All mentioned benefits entail remarkable cost savings. Your time-to-market is shorter compared to native app development. It’s due to the development speed that comes with cross platform solutions. As a result, you start generating revenue much earlier. There is no need to have a maintenance team for each platform separately.

Are you ready to use RAD Studio for cross platform development?

A cross platform development framework helps you accomplish different goals. It optimized the efficiency of your apps and development process. Businesses now start developing applications at affordable prices. Cross platform apps let businesses expand their customer outreach.

RAD Studio lets you build apps 5x faster with a single codebase. You can create apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Make less coding efforts and compile everywhere. 

These tools offer a wide range of productivity options. You can create apps for any platform with the highest stability. Reduce development time and build cross-platform apps with Delphi, RAD Studio, or C++ Builder.

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