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Some Embarcadero Servers Are Experiencing A Hardware Outage

Status update

Many of you will have noticed by now that we are currently experiencing disruption to some of our services. In particular the RAD Studio installer, the GetIt package manager in the IDE, our Quality Portal, the DocWiki documentation site, certain authentication functions in connection with registrations, and other miscellaneous facilities.

This is caused by a hardware outage at one of our data centers. RAD Studio 12 download volume spikes tasked our infrastructure more than expected. We’re working on restoring the hardware with replacement parts. Our teams are focused on restoring all services as soon as possible but we currently do not have ETA for full resolution.

As soon as we are sure service has been restored or we have other updates, I’ll update this post. Meanwhile if you have a specific question or concern, please contact Support.

25th January Update

The Embarcadero IT team is still working on restoring and migrating some of the systems that have been affected by this hardware outage and we’d like to provide you an update:

7th February Update

Starting today, the majority of the GetIt add-on packages that were available on the previous system have been restored and made available. There is still ongoing work to provide some missing packages, which we are aiming to complete by this week.

See blog post GetIt Update: Additional RAD Studio 12 GetIt Packages Are Now Available

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