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Twilio & SurveyMonkey – May 2019 Enterprise Connector Spotlight #ConnectTheData

May marks the beginning of our Enterprise Connectors Spotlight. Each month we will highlight two Enterprise Connectors from the list of over 100 connectors. As part of the highlight, you will find blog posts on the connectors, and a free webinar covering them in more detail. Additionally, for all current Update Subscription customers, you will also receive a free one year license for the two connectors highlighted during the month. This is just one more benefit of Update Subscription.

SurveyMonkey and TwilioThe two connectors for May are SurveyMonkey and Twilio.

  • SurveyMonkey is perhaps the most popular online web survey platform. It makes it easy to create and share surveys, then collect and analyze the responses.
  • Twilio is a cloud-based communication platform that provides APIs to make and receive phone calls, text messages, and other communication functions.

To receive your free licenses*, you must sign up for the webinar and provide the email address associated with your Update Subscription account. After the webinar, you will get an email at that address with your free 12 month licenses. The license provides full functionality and updates for 12 months, with royalty-free deployment. After your license expires your apps will continue to work, and you obtain a new license to continue new development.

*Webinar is free to everyone, the free Enterprise Connector license is only open to customers who are currently on Update Subscription (as of the date of the webinar). To receive the free license, you must sign up for the webinar with the same email associated with your Update Subscription license. The license provides full functionality and updates for 12 months. After that time expires your applications built with it continue to work, but you must obtain a new license to continue new development.

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