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Top 10 How To’s: Windows 11

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The most recent version of Windows, Windows 11, was released in October 2021. It is critical that you update your applications to support it. RAD Studio 11, Delphi 11, and C++Builder 11 previously supported Windows 11. Let’s take a look at our top ten How-for to’s the highly anticipated Windows 11 release.

1. This Is How To Develop C++ iOS Apps On Windows 11 Today

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The C++ Programming language is one of the most broadly used software programming languages. It can be downloaded easily and allows users to develop high quality professional applications for all sorts of different platforms for modern desktop and mobile devices. It’s hard to identify exactly which C++ compiler is the best for you, as this is mostly about what you want to achieve with your code. If you want to implement small projects for analysis and calculations without a graphical interface then most small compilers will do just fine.

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2. The Top 10 Tips For Excellent Windows 11 C++ App Development

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Windows 11 is fast reaching the point where it’s impossible to ignore if you want to carry out development on Windows or target Windows users with your apps. Despite the more rigorous hardware requirements which meant that not every user could immediately install this free new version it’s still reaching a huge percentage of the world. If you’re going to embrace Windows 11 and even use some of its new features in your apps you should read on while we present our top 10 tips on how to develop applications which look gorgeous and behave like a first class citizen of the Windows 11 world.

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3. Windows 11 Styles and Effects – Updating Your GUI – Webinar

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Watch the replay of this webinar to understand the Windows design language, what’s changed, and how to make your applications look the best on the latest version of Windows11.

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4. More VCL Support for Windows 11

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With the official release of Windows 11 , Embarcadero has made available some specific VCL styles and I’m offering some coding helpers specific to the new version of the Microsoft desktop OS. More will come over time.

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5. How to To Modernize Your Apps For Windows 11 – Five Ultimate Ways

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Delphi offers a modern, robust & enterprise-grade UI developer environment with Visual Component Library (VCL) for Windows only and FireMonkey (FMX) for cross-platform development. Delphi VCL offers the latest features and modern UI controls for your Windows app development.

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6. How To Control Windows 11 Rounded Corners In Your App

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As I hope you’re aware by now – RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available! The Windows IDE contains a whole ton of features, and it’s launching just ahead of Microsoft’s official release of the beautifully redesigned Windows 11. We wrote about the many great things contained in Windows 11 here on the blog before, and how behind that gorgeously aesthetic user interface are a few traps and pitfalls which may be a problem for older legacy apps and hardware.

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7. Windows 11: A Beautiful Meteor Will Wipe Out The Dinosaurs

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Windows 11 is coming. It’s a fact – and it’s the gorgeous visual tweaking of the Windows desktop, start menu, taskbar, and even the rendering of things like your application’s window borders and “non-client area”. It’s Microsoft’s new glorious shooting star launching itself at the unwary peoples of the world from out of the clouds… and it’s going to wipe out the dinosaurs. However, do you think Windows 11 can support Windows tools for developers? Let’s find it out!

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8. What Is The Best Web Scraping Library For Development On Windows?

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Did you know it’s easy to make use of some truly excellent Python libraries to super-charge your Delphi app development on Windows? Adding Python to your toolbox of Delphi coding can enhance your app development bringing in new capabilities which help you provide innovative and powerful solutions to your app’s users which combine the best of Python with the supreme low-code and unparalleled power of native Windows development you get with Delphi.

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9. The Top 5 Misconceptions About Windows Program Development

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The Windows operating system is the most used desktop operating system in the World. Windows 11 launched with a substantial firestorm of publicity from Microsoft. With the new innovations such as the excellent Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL), there seems to be a large uptick in interest from coders looking to Windows program development. Microsoft has consolidated its position as the dominant desktop operating system and by incorporating increasingly innovative features such as Android support and the WSL Windows is in a very strong position to beat back challenges from those who are looking toward devices like Chromebooks and Linux on the desktop.

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10. Five Tools Every Windows Developer Should Be Using Right Now

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If you are serious about Windows app development you should really know these five superb tools which can help you get the absolute best out of your great ideas. Delphi 11 Alexandria is the latest version of the Delphi IDE and provides native app development 5x faster compared to other development tools. Moreover, your apps built with Delphi can be both specific to only Windows itself or multi-platform. You can easily modernize apps to support Windows 11 with up-to-date responsive controls, styles, and Windows Store support.

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BONUS:  The Beginner’s Guide to Clean Code Windows Development

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Designing a well-crafted and easily manageable software system is the ultimate goal of any professional developer. Therefore, we need the best windows development tool and coding practices to achieve this goal. Clean coding is one such core practice that can help us in our mission. However, unfortunately, many new developers are not even aware of clean coding. So, let us briefly discuss clean coding methods and their relationship to the best windows development tool, Delphi.

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