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To get the NetworkInfo using the ConnectivityManager of Android

Author: h.mohri

Using ConnectivityManager with C++Builder

With C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Android ConnectivityManager class is available.
Use the ConnectivityManager, you can get NetworkInfo.
NetworkInfo see various network information.
inside that, The getType() function is Reports the type of network.
The getType() function return is int.

int type
0x00000000 TYPE_MOBILE
0x00000001 TYPE_WIFI
0x00000006 TYPE_WIMAX
0x00000009 TYPE_ETHERNET

I tried ways to get NetworkInfo.

Declare _di_JConnectivityManager variable.

_di_JConnectivityManager is the ConnectivityManager class interface.

It creates to use ‘_di_JConnectivityManager’.

Get the _di_JNetworkInfo using the getActiveNetworkInfo() function.

You can get the status of a network interface.

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