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Take Your Delphi VCL Apps To The Next Level With The Delphi Universal Component Library UWP Controls

Delphi Universal Component Library is the UWP controls for Delphi VCL. With this Delphi Universal Component Library, you can create UWP like programs easily. Delphi UCL gives you the ability to design modern user interfaces within Delphi VCL. The library is free and open-source on GitHub.

The main library lies over on this repository, but according to the author of the project, there is a new version of it and the older version is depreciated.

There are tens of UWP like controls available to you. Moreover, there is an ability to change the theme of the programs.

Some of the features of Delphi UCL:

  • Light and Dark themes
  • Control of the styles
  • Ability to set custom accent colors to controls
  • Support for HighDPI
  • Ability to set the splash screen

So if you are looking for a way to change the UI of Delphi VCL apps, this is a solution for you.

Head over and check out the full source code and download the Delphi UCL

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