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How To Use MS Edge Browser in C++ Plus How To Optimize Your C++ Code

Hello C++ Developers, Today we have some great topics over LearnCPlusPlus.org for whether you are a professional or just starting to learn how to write code in C++. In this article, we point you toward some great posts about Optimization, The EdgeBrowser component in VCL apps – what it does and how to use it; Vector Methods – all you could ever want to know, as well as a roundup of…
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Execute Scripts and View Source with TEdgeBrowser

With the release of 10.4.2 Sydney, the TEdgeBrowser for Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio now works with the released version of Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. This VCL component offers a number of improvements over the existing TWebBrowser, and the…
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Open web pages using the Winsoft's component WebView Browser

Introduction WebView is a VCL-type component (Windows platform only). Its main purpose is to open web pages. To find out how to install the component, watch the next video. 2) Components in the Demo and what they do On the top of the form a TEdit component is positioned for inserting text (URL in this case), as well as speed buttons for navigation – back, forward…
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