High-Performance Multi-Platform UI Component Set For Your Next Big Project

When you start building your projects, you would like to start with one UI component set to target Android, iOS, macOS, Windows. The standard components provide enough tools to make any type of application but, sometimes you need a cross-platform UI component set. And the solution is the TMS FNC UI Pack. TMS FNC UI Pack includes optimized and advanced grid, planner, treeview, rich editor, and…
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Fun Utility To Quickly Generate MD5 Values For Files On Windows Is Built In Delphi

This Windows Graphic UI program built with Delphi is easy to use. It is an open source application that you can drag and drop files onto to receive the MD5 sum of the file very quickly and easily. According to the developer, “Develop Tools used are Delphi 10.4.1 using Indy component and you can just  drop files and click the RUN button.” This is another great utility built in…
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High-Performance Visual And Non-visual Custom DataBase Grid Components Are Great For Windows Apps

Thousands of Delphi and C++ Builder developers loveEhlibcomponents. BecauseEhlibcontains productive components and classes which are very helpful to make great client part of the database applications with Delphi and C++ Builder. The most complex component is TDBGridEh which offers all functionality of TDBGrid component and adds dozens of new features, for…
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Relyze Desktop: Impressive Reverse Engineering Software Suite Is Built In C++Builder

Relyze Desktop lets you reverse engineer, decompile and diff x86, x64, ARM32 and ARM64 software, allowing you to understand and visualize how native code software operates. Developed with C++ Builder we leverage the Visual Component Library (VCL) to build a sleek modern interface with a flat UI design ethos in order to bring the analysis to center stage. Relyze Desktop Standard is freely…
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