Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi

We’ve written before about some of the wonderful ways Delphi developers are helping pilots with the difficult job of defying gravity in their aircraft. The reliability of Delphi applications and the cross-platform power of FireMonkey FMX framework, combined with the skillful craftwork of the software engineer seems to lend itself very neatly to solving problems. Aviation is one of those…
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This Ultimate Mathematical Visualization Software Comes With Full Delphi Source Code

Algosim is a mathematical visualization application and scripting language that lets you perform computations on numbers, vectors, matrices, images, sounds, and more. More than 800 functions and 70 operatorsMore than 320 mathematical functions, ranging from linear algebra from number theoryA syntax that very closely mimics the notation in ordinary mathematicsFunctions are first-class objectsA…
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Developer Stories: Ziad Allaghi Shares On System Of Student Registration

Since 1998, Ziad Allaghi has been developing programs with Delphi. Ziad’s (System of Student Registration) application is a showcase entry for the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we talked to him about his knowledge creating programs with Delphi. You can find more information about the application over at System of Student Registration. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphiand…
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