Tracking Changes with InterBase Change Views

The ability to track changes in your database can be a time consuming and tedious process that can in certain circumstances impact the performance of your database and your users. InterBase offers an easy to implement solution to tracking those changes. What are Change Views? Change Views are a patented subscription model used to subscribe to data and identify what data has changed in the…
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Journaling for Disaster Recovery in InterBase

Ensuring that your data can be recovered with minimum downtime and that it won’t be completely lost up to a specific point-in-time can be hugely beneficial in planning a DRP. With InterBase’s ease of use and powerful engine, we sometimes forget how important it is to…

Magnificent IT Monitoring System NetCrunch Is Created With Delphi

NetCrunch is a comprehensive (agent-less) IT monitoring system with desktop and web console and it is developed with Delphi.  It provides flexible visualization, alerting, reporting,  and policy-based configuration. It allows monitoring servers, networks, logs, applications, SNMP and IoT devices. According to the developer, “It’s easier than you think. 1,000+ devices? No problem.
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