LearnCPlusPlus.org :: The Future of the C++ STD Library, OpenMP, Repeated Software Patterns, Costs Of Void(), Encapsulation

Hello fellow Dev-C++ and C++ Builder Developers and educators. It’s been another packed week of learning at LearnCPlusPlus.org and we’ve covered a lot of great subjects! Topics this time include: How we can use OpenMP Parallel Programming Library? What is Encapsulation? How to use Repeated Software Patterns? What is the Cost of the Void function? How we can set up C++ Builder?
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Easily Make Asynchronous REST Calls In Delphi 10.2.1 Tokyo On Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10

The Hospitality Survey App template contains a RAD Server project and a Delphi client project. You can download the Hospitality Survey App template code for yourself from Embarcadero’s GetIt. The Delphi client project makes REST calls via the BaaS components to RAD Server.Keep in mind that this same source code will work with TRESTClient and TNetHTTPClient.It is beneficial for…
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