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Quickly Control Light Bulbs Using FireMonkey

ThingConnect IoT device component pack is one of the best areas of RAD Studio. It offers you to connect to dozens of IoT devices with easy-to-use interfaces. For instance, you can connect to the Aeon Labs Light Bulb using Delphi or C++ Builder. As you can see these light bulbs can be controlled by other devices. You can schedule events using your FireMonkey based mobile…
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Easily Connect To Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor From Windows

We have been exploring some of the best IoT solutions with Delphi and C++ Builder in the last posts. For instance, the Heart Rate Monitor IoT component pack which provides heart rate measurements for IoT devices that utilize the standard GATT-based heart rate service. If you have been on the GetIt portal you have seen there are dozens of IoT components available for RAD Studio. And one of them…
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Learn How Easy It Is To Use OAuth2.0 With The Rest Client Components For C++ Builder

Authentication becomes critical part of any business, that too developing applications using OAuth2.0 protocol is still challenging to some C++Builder developers using Restful APIs as most modern IoT applications mandates. Don’t worry, this post will simpilify your challenge and understand better. Assume an end user(Resource Owner) has an account in google(Resource Server) and has…
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