Windows 11: A Beautiful Meteor Will Wipe Out The Dinosaurs

Windows 11 is coming. It’s a fact – and it’s a gorgeous visual tweaking of the Windows desktop, start menu, taskbar and even the rendering of things like your application’s window borders and “non client area”. It’s Microsoft’s new glorious shooting star launching itself at the unwary peoples of the world from out of the clouds… and it’s going to wipe out the…
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Video Tutorial: Develop Powerful Fluent User Interfaces For Windows 10 With Delphi

Join Delphi MVP Ian Barker as he shows how to get the modern Windows 10 look and feel using RAD Studio’s themes and some *very* cost-effective third-party controls. Get that truly modern WOW factor kickstarted with minimal effort – Ian will show you how. Ian’s Blog: Should a contract developer pay for their own components?When you have friendsJoin TCoffeeAndCode For…
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