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Get These Visually Stunning FireMonkey Styles Free To Enhance User Experience In Your Delphi Apps

Last few years, we can see that many amazing and visually stunning FireMonkey and VCL styles have been developed. With these kinds of styles, you can take your user experience of the application to next level by just applying it with the TStyleBook component. TStyleBook component stores a collection of styles for a form. When you understand styles and this TStyleBook you can easily customize…
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Elegant Multi-Device FireMonkey Styles

This video presents building a profile screen for your multi-device application using the FireMonkey framework with both native UI support and custom styling. Highlighted in the video are custom multi-device styles included in Embarcadero’s premium style pack and…

Learn How to Customize Delphi Components With The FMX Styles In This CodeRage Replay

Many FireMonkey developers try to change the properties of the components to make unique designs or styles. But, by changing properties you make a few changes and that is it. What you can do is that you just need to learn how to customize FMX styles. In this CodeRage session by Ray Konopka, you can find out many demos in action about this topic. When FireMonkey has first introduced the…
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Wedgewood Light FMX Style on Linux

Did you know the Wedgewood LightFMX Style also looks great on Linux when used withFMXLinux, New in Delphi 10.3 Rio? You can install FMX Style – WedgewoodLight 1.0 style from the GetIt package manager. Then simply use a TStyleBook to include the…