Learn Powerful Full Stack Web Development With uniGUI For Delphi

uniGUI Web Application Framework is a full-stack web application development tool for Embarcadero Delphi. uniGUI is empowered by Sencha Ext JS advanced cross-browser JavaScript library. uniGUI allows developers to develop visually compelling web applications directly in Delphi IDE. Topics: uniGUI, Sencha Ext JS, Databases, mobile interface, Linux, HyperServer, scalability, stability, remote…
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Hello JavaScript

Author: Bogdan Polak BSC Temporarily I have to break the theme of project architecture in Delphi. You have certainly heard that the Emabarcadero acquired Sencha (official press release).In addition to the fact that I love Delphi, I’m also a big fan of JavaScript and the ExtJS team that has done a brilliant and super professional job. So I decided to make some blog entries about…
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