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Learn Advanced FireMonkey Development For Building Visually Stunning GUIs On Linux

Jim McKeeth, Ian Barker, and Frank Lauter discuss the benefits of FireMonkey on Linux and all the exciting things FMXLinux can do for your projects in this CodeRage session. FireMonkey for Linux, also known as FMXLinux, is an add-on component that is made available to Delphi and RAD Studio Enterprise and Architect edition customers through an exclusive OEM agreement with…
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Learn Delphi Linux Server Deployment In 3 Minutes With This Tutorial

Delphi Linux Server Support was introduced in RAD Studio 10.2, and much has happened since then. Delphi Linux server supports RTL features such as Linux file system access, threading, Parallel Programming Library support, memory management, and HTTP and REST library support for HTTP calls. Furthermore, full remote debugging support on a Linux system. You can now create a graphical application…
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