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Try Delphi on Amazon Linux.

Author: h.mohri

I tried Delphi on Amazon Linux.

Amazon Linux is Linux that exists only in the instance of EC2(AWS).

“Free tier eligible” can be used.


[Create an instance.]

Select Amazon Linux from EC 2 and create a new instance.

It is possible to connect with SSH in the initial state.


[Environment building]


Install the SDK referring to the above URL.


It will be OK if “Complete!” Is displayed.


[Setting up PAServer]

PAServer exists in the 10.2 Tokyo directory.

This using the SFTP and put in EC2(Amazon Linux).

Unzip LinuxPAServer19.0.tar.gz.

Allow 64211 port on EC2 security management screen.

Connect test to start paserver.

Work on the RAD Studio side. [Tools]→[Options]→[Connection Profile Manager]


Enter the IP address,

Confirm that you succeeded by clicking the “Test Connection” button.

[Options]→[SDK Manager]→[Add New SDK]

Select the “Amazon Linux AMI 2017.03”.

Start SDK import.

After Completed, it runs in a new project.

I get an error.

Install some missing libraries.

Import the SDK again.

Since an error occurs, change the name of so file on Windows side.

libgcc_s.so.1 → libgcc_s.so

libcurl.so.4 → libcurl.so


[Execute this code.]

It is a simple http connection program code using TNetHTTPClient.



I was able to run Delphi on Amazon Linux(EC2).


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