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How to use Android Service(TAndroidService) in C++Builder

Author: h.mohri

[Make a new project for Android service.]


NewItemsÔćĺDelphi ProjectÔćĺAndroid Service.

After making the above selection, click OK.


Select a “Local Service” and click OK.

TDM class that inherits TAndroidService will be created.

Place the TNotificationCenter.

Create an OnStartCommand event and write the code.

I saved it with the name p1.



[Create a C++Builder project]

Add it to the Project Group.


Select New ItemsÔćĺMulch-Device Application .


Select Android target platform.

Place TButton, TMemo, TNotificationCenter in the form.

Add Android service.

Right-click the Android target device.


Add Android Service Dialog comes out.

Select automatic.

Specify a directory of service project that you saved.


Make sure it is correct.


[Create a button click event]

[Create NotificationCenter1 receive events.]

Write the code in OnReceiveLocalNotification.

Do you want to build an Android app using C++? Try the Windows C IDE, which will assist you in developing apps in the Delphi or C++ environments.



Tap Button1 to start Android Service(“p1”).

Write TNotification┬áreceived from Service to Memo1ÔćĺLines

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