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5 EASY Ways To Integrate Image Processing In Your Apps

What does image processing mean? According to Gonzalez and Rafael in 2018, Image Processing or Digital Image Processing refers to processing digital images using a digital computer. Note that a digital image is composed of a finite number of elements, each element has a particular location and value. These elements are called picture elements, image elements, pels, and pixels. Pixel is the term…
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OpenCV: Create Highly Optimized Computer Vision Applications With Delphi

OpenCV is a cross-platform library that can be utilized to develop real-time computer vision applications. It principally concentrates on image processing, video capturing, and analysis. The best part is there is the Delphi-OpenCV library for Delphi developers. Delphi-OpenCV is a translation of OpenCV library header files in Delphi. You can find all the required libraries for this library…
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