NorJournal validates Delphi as their primary tool for medical software

NorJournal together with representatives of Viken county, Norway Within the health sector in Norway, Delphi has played a key role for many years, and for good reason.The medical sector is a market that must conform with a high level of security and government standards, and as such the choice of development tool is important. Embarcadero Delphi with its powerful database components, rapid…
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TreeSize - Cool Apps Selection

Today’s CoolApps selection is TreeSize, from JAM Software. It is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager. TreeSize has been around for a while and can trace its history with Delphi all the way back to Delphi 1. This history allows TreeSize to leverage Delphi’s…

5 Unique Delphi Features For Windows 10

In my previous post I focused on InterBase 2020 and outlined five good reasons why InterBase should be your next database engine. In this post I want to look at five awesome additions to Delphi that help you write lean, modern and fully compliant Windows 10 applications. To…

Reg Organizer - Cool Apps Selection

Reg Organizer – Cool Apps Selection Today’s CoolApps selection isReg Organizer, by ChemTable Software. As the name suggests, it is a utility to help customers organize and optimize their system registry.Reg Organizerwas developed in RAD Studio using C++Builder and is available now on Windows platforms. ChemTable has been developingReg…
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C++RAD Studio

Windows 10 and New Key UX Principles for RAD Studio Developers

I recently did a webinar on Windows 10 and New Key UX Principles for RAD Studio developers. You can find the replay here.The webinar covered the following: Windows 10 Landscape Key RAD Studio Windows 10 Features Overview Windows 10 VCL Controls Overview Built-in and Custom Themes Demos RAD Studio provides extensive Windows 10 Support.With RAD Studio 10.3.2, you can…
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UWP and Windows App Platform

UWP and Windows App Platform As you have probably seen, over the last month there has been some discussion around UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and the current focus, or change of focus, for Microsoft in terms of how developers should build applications for their…

High-DPI on Windows 10

Often times when we talk about monitors we discuss resolution (e.g.1920×1080) and diagonal dimensions (e.g. 27” or 68.58 cm), but we can use these numbers to calculate the DPI (see More on DPI and PPI below) with the good ol’ Pythagorean theorem. As the screen gets…

Classic Tips: VCL Multi-Column ListBox

I might be starting a new series of blog posts, going back to classic tips. This one was triggered by aQuality Portal report, which refers to an imprecise (but not fully incorrect) page of the RAD Studio Doc Wiki — same works in C++Builder. I did a quick Google search and didn’t find a quick answer, but rather many incorrect and old ones. So here it goes. The Windows ListBox…
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