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#CodingResolutions: Your First Mobile App

Author: Rebekah D

Welcome back to the #CodingResolutions series!  In this post, we’re going to make sure we have our developer environment set up for Android Development, and then create our first Android app in either C++ or Delphi. 


You should already have downloaded and installed either the RAD Studio 30 Day FREE Trial, Delphi Community Edition, or C++ Builder Community Edition.

Need help installing the product? Read the documentation or ask for assistance in the forums.


Configuring the C++ Builder IDE for Android Development

Before we build our first mobile app, let’s make sure C++ Builder is set up correctly for Android development.  This video will take you through the steps: https://embt.co/CBuilderForAndroid

Configuring the Delphi IDE for Android Development

If you’ve chosen to complete this journey in Delphi, check your Android configuration settings by following this tutorial: https://embt.co/DelphiCEforAndroid

Create A Mobile App that Takes and Shares Photos 

These two example projects leverage the phone camera to take photos, then shares them via social networks. You’ll use design forms, learn how to access the camera, and share photos. 

Build your first C++ Android mobile app that shares photos in under 3 minutes with this example: C++ Android App Tutorial

Create your first Delphi mobile app that leverages the phone camera and shares photos with this Delphi Android App Tutorial


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