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Six Top Tips On How To Use std::vector And AI In Modern C++

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Hello C++ Developers,

Here is a round-up of some recent posts about the std::vector in C++.  For the professional developers, we have Parallel STL Algorithm example sort and ANN example for vectors.

Vectors are the modern way to use datatypes. They are found within the <vector> library. They are the same as dynamic arrays and they can resize themselves automatically when a member of a vector is inserted or deleted. Dynamic arrays of vectors are handled automatically by the container. Members of vector datatypes are placed in contiguous memory storage; thus they can be accessed and traversed using iterators. If you are still using arrays, you may want to consider moving array types in your applications to vectors.

If you are new to RAD Studio, we think these posts may help you much as a rapid introduction to programming in C++ and C++ IDE if you’re a beginner, all the way to the most robust, modern, and latest techniques for those more experienced with the language or for those who are perhaps wanting to expand their knowledge with the most up-to-date features, routines, and methodologies. The new RAD Studio 11C++ Builder 11, Delphi 11 are released with great new features and according to our tests on the most of examples of LearnCPlusPlus.org are working well with the latest RADS 11.

You can see more of our C++ posts on this blog by clicking the following dynamic search link: https://blogs.embarcadero.com/?s=C%2B%2B

Let’s see what can you learn about using std::vector in C++..

How can we use std::vector in C++ Builder?

These posts are designed to be easy to understand the awesome basics of modern C++. They cover:

  • Introduction to C++ Iterators
  • How To Set And Print Vector Members On Windows
  • How To Add C++ Vector Members on Windows
  • How to Delete, Clear, Erase A C++ Vector Member On Windows
  • Quickly Learn To Sort Vectors With Parallel STL Algorithm In C++ On Windows
  • How To Make A Vector-Based Simple Artificial Neuron Model

Find valuable insights on how you can perform a C++ std conversion in this article.

What C++ Questions do we answer about std::vector?

Here are the questions that we answer

  • What are Iterators in C++?
  • How can I use iterators with vectors?
  • Can I have information about the Iterators in C++?
  • What are the Vectors in C++?
  • How can we define std::vector?
  • How can I print a vector member?
  • How can I change the number of vectors?
  • How can I use resize() method with vectors?
  • How can I iterate a vector in for loop?
  • How can we print a vector member?
  • How can I change the number of vectors?
  • How can I use resize() method with vectors?
  • How can I iterate a vector in for loop?
  • How can I add a new member to std::vector?
  • How can I delete a vector member in C++?
  • How can we use the push_back() method in vectors?
  • How can we use the pop_back() method in vectors?
  • How can we use the clear() method in vectors? 
  • How can I delete a vector member in C++?
  • How can we use the pop_back() method in vectors?
  • How can we use the clear() method in vectors?
  • How can we use the erase() method in vectors? 

We also cover multi-thread sorting and an AI application with vectors,

  • How can I sort vectors quickly?
  • Can I sort vectors by using all threads and cores of my CPU?
  • How can I do multi-thread vector sorting easily?
  • What is Parallel STL Algorithm?
  • How can I use Parallel STL Algorithm with vectors?
  • How can I use Vectors in an ANN model?
  • Can I use vectors in a Simple Artificial Neuron example?
  • Do you have an Artificial Intelligence example in Modern C++?
  • How to apply vectors to an ANN model?
  • Can we use vectors as same as arrays in our AI applications?
  • What are the benefits of using Modern C++ features like Vectors and Classes in AI applications?
  • What is Vectors in AI?
  • How can I create a 2D vector and resize each member? 

Learn about the C++ vector erase method of wstring and how you can solve 5 diagonal matrix forms.

What are some of your favorite C++ posts about vectors?

Here are the post picks from LearnCPlusPlus.org,

What are some of your professional C++ posts about vectors?

Here are some examples of how to use vectors in C++ programming,

We keep adding new topics about C++ in general and specific topics for C++ Builder, Dev-C++, and for the other C++ compilers. Please keep following our LearnCPlusPlus.org website for the latest posts and updates. Feel free to comment and share with your colleagues, students, members – knowledge is power, and knowledge shared is empowering.

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