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RAD Studio 11 Alexandria January PAServer Patch Available

rad studio 11 jan patch

Following the release of the general RAD Studio 11 Alexandria November Patch, the R&D team at Embarcadero is now making available an additional update to the Platform Assistant Server (PAServer) for the Apple macOS platform to support recent updates of the Apple operating systems and dev tools. This patch is not cumulative, so it doesn’t contain all of the fixes in the the November Patch. If you are targeting the Apple iOS platform, we recommend installing also this new patch and than (manually) installing PAServer on your Mac computer.

We recommend installing the January Patch via GetIt (see below, along with the November patch), an operation which does not require a deferred installation and a reboot of the IDE for this patch. The same download is also available on the my.embarcadero.com customers portal.

rad11 janpatch

The patches should be installed in sequence. Below is the readme file that comes with the patch.

RAD Studio 11 January PAServer Patch Readme

This is the third patch for RAD Studio 11. It is an update to PAServer for macOS and iOS development on macOS 12 Monterey (the new version of PAServer is It does not include other files from the previous November Patch. You may install this and the November Patch in any sequence.

Important note: this patch requires some manual installation even if installed via GetIt. Please read the readme carefully!

Installing this patch is recommended for all RAD Studio 11 customers who build applications for macOS or iOS. The Quality Portal issue addressed is:

RSP-36648: iOS: Invalid Code Signing of frameworks

If you do not build applications for macOS or iOS, you do not need to install this patch.

Installation via GetIt: Manual Steps Are Required!

The updated RAD Studio 11.0 PAServer version for iOS and macOS is installed in the Catalog Repository folder and copied into the PAServer folder (while the current version is moved to the _patch-backup subfolder). You need to:

– Copy the new PAServer over to a Mac and install it manually there;
– In the SDK Manager of the RAD Studio IDE, delete and redefine the macOS 12.0 SDK and/or the iOS 15.0 SDK (we recommend deleting and importing again any Apple SDK you have already, if you are running PAServer on macOS Monterey). This is not needed if you have already refreshed the SDK Manager with the November patch.

Manual Download and Installation

This patch is also available in the download portal at my.embarcadero.com named ‘RAD Studio 11 PAServer January Patch’. Download this. You will need to copy and install PAServer to your Mac and reimport the SDKs using the same manual steps as explained above.

Uninstallation steps (for GetIt installation)

– Uninstall the package from GetIt
– Restore the older version of PAServer on your Mac using the version in the RAD Studio installation folder

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