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Quickly Build Enterprise-Grade Multi-Tier Solutions Using DataSnap In Delphi And C++

Al Mannarino walks you through how to build a DataSnap solutions project using the DataSnap Setup Wizard.


  • Wizards in the DataSnap Server category
    • DataSnap WebBroker Application Wizard
  • Main components and units
  • Implement the DataSnap server functionality
  • DataSnap Clients
  • DataSnap Use Cases

Mainly Delphi and C++ Builder developers utilize 3 major backend technologies:

  • WebBroker – Web Server Application
  • DataSnap – REST Backends
  • RAD Server (EMS) – Most powerful services-based applications

When to use DataSnap?

  • A small number of concurrent clients
  • Supports authentication and authorization
  • Support for communication filters
    • Compression and Encryption filters included
  • Callback functionality – Servers can notify selected or all connected client applications by sending information to the callback channels that something interesting happened on the server
  • FireDAC JSON reflection framework – This simplifies building client-server database applications. 

If you want to learn how to use DataSnap in your projects, be sure to check out the full, Unleash The Power of Delphi with Delphi Labs DataSnap Series!

Take a look at the fixes available in the RAD Studio 10.4 release for DataSnap.

Looking for a REST based solution? Try RAD Server!

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