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10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get A New Python Development Tool

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language which was first launched 31 years ago. It is known for its simplicity, readability, and excellent libraries. It consistently appears in lists of the top programming languages, so many part-time developers consider giving it more airtime. However, to do more in Python, you need a better Python development tool and learn new ways. Change…
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Building The Future With Delphi #Delphi27th

Bill Clinton was President, Windows 3.1 was king, and CompuServe was still a thing. The R&D team at Borland Software Corporation which included Anders Hejlsberg, Gary Whizin, Chuck Jazdzewski, Dave Scofield, Allen Bauer, Hank Cox, Marc Cousineau, and Ray Kaestner released Delphi and changed the software development world forever. In 1995 Delphi was lauded as the next generation Windows…
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The Impact of Log4j on Software Development with Delphi and C++Builder

Thoughts on the security issues of Log4j, what they imply for the developer community in general, and the specific effect on RAD Studio developers. Unless you live on a remote island with no Internet connection, you’ve certainly heard about the Log4j issues that affected so many applications and internet services over the last 10 days. The coincidental discovery of this critical bug in the…
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Top 10 How-To’s: Delphi & Python

What would it be like to create tools that integrate Delphi with Python (including building Python GUI apps)? How much fun would it be to allow Delphi to execute Python code and call Python libraries, and allow Python to call modules in Delphi and interact with Delphi code, objects, interfaces and records? Two-directional integration is a great boon to Delphi developers, and the open-source…
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