Learn to Program in Delphi - Putting the Calculator Together

Author: Vanners Welcome to the last episode in the “Learn to Program with Starter” series. In the first four episodes we have covered “Introduction and Installation” of the free Delphi Starter edition, then we moved to IDE basics in “Building in Debugging”. In “Architecture and Layers of Code” the key concepts of proper app structure were discussed…
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UI Design Tips and Tricks: Home Screen Navigation

Author: ısık During our recent RAD Server webinar, we showed you how to develop and deploy a real world customer retail application. The client app shown is designed torun on smartphones and the server side will execute on IIS production servers on premises and on…
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How C++ Program Works With Libraries

The C++ programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is the highly evolved and modern app building software comes with a lot of libraries and with header files to define functions in these libraries. Libraries are one of the main important parts…

Secrets of Visual Design on Windows 11

Using truly great IDE software really empowers software developers. RAD Studio is so much more than just Delphi – which I think is the easiest professional modern programming language you can pick – it also brings along a whole bunch of great things not the least of which is a rich selection of professionally designed graphical program styles to make your apps look like you have the…
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Modernizing Legacy Delphi Code? MVP Oren Aviram Shows You How

Modernizing legacy code poses less of challenge than may seem at first sight, as long as the right tool is deployed. In an on-demand webinar from DelphiCon, Embacadero MVP Oren Aviram discusses the challenges of legacy code modernization, and presents Delphi Parser, an intelligent find-and-replace tool that knows Delphi syntax and can even link between objects through code. It’s a Delphi robot…
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All About Apple ARM on the Desktop

For years Intel and AMD’s x86 architecture has ruled the desktop, while ARM dominated mobile platforms. Now ARM is making inroads onto the desktop. There are multiple versions of the M1, and the 2nd generation M2 is now available. With a shared CPU architecture, iOS…
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Everything You Need to Know About Cross-Platform Development

Recently I have discussed various topics on cross-platform development. We have explored and discovered different cases of cross-platform mobile and desktop development and learned about the best options when it comes to native and cross-platform development. Here a great selection of useful articles about cross-platform development we’ve published in the last few months. We also go on to…
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