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10 Things Most People Don't Know About Clean Code Windows 10 Development

Despite the release of Windows 11 back in October 2021, Windows 10 is still the most popular version of the operating system. Although most people will update, many may avoid updating due to software compatibility issues. Therefore, targeting Windows 10 development will currently give you the most extensive customer base, and later on, you can change your development focus to Windows 11. For…
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App Store Deployment Comparison Between Delphi And Electron

This blog post compares the Delphi and Electron frameworks based on the Application Store Deployment, namely whether the framework’s IDE makes it easy to deploy directly to native platform application stores by reducing the complexities surrounding deployment and reducing time-to-market. This post is part of a benchmarking whitepaper comparing the two frameworks. The “Discovering The…
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13 Things About C++ Software You May Not Know

C++ is an incredibly versatile, powerful, multi-purpose programming language. There is quite literally nothing that cannot be done with C++ whether it be a low-level, close to metal system application which pulls out the maximum amount of power from the computer to the most…
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How To Make Facebook Posts From Windows And Mobile Apps

At Softacom, as a software company specializing in mobile and Windows app development using Delphi, we often integrate clients’ software with 3rd party services using API. In this article we show you how to automatically create posts on Facebook from your Delphi apps using the Facebook Graph API. How can I create posts on Facebook from a Delphi application? Facebook is the…
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Happy 27th Birthday Delphi and a Few Thoughts about Building the Future

My first Pascal, Turbo Pascal and Delphi Experiences I wrote my first Pascal program in 1972 as a Computer Science student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I knew from the beginning that Pascal would be part of my future career in some way. I first met Philippe Kahn at the Comdex Las Vegas 1983 convention when he stopped our Softsel Computer Products (now Merisel) booth. Back then I was running…
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