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Why You Should Focus on Improving Windows 10 Apps Development

It seemed like many people thought Windows 7 was great and Microsoft should stop there. However, Microsoft recognized that what people thought of as their primary computing device was changing. Apple’s iPad and the inexorable rise of the mobile phone meant people were starting to interact with the internet and the new streaming services in ways which threatened Microsoft’s…
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Top 10 How To's: Windows 11

The most recent version of Windows, Windows 11, was released in October 2021. It is critical that you update your applications to support it. RAD Studio 11, Delphi 11, and C++Builder 11 previously supported Windows 11. Let’s take a look at our top ten How-for to’s the highly anticipated Windows 11 release. 1. This Is How To Develop C++ iOS Apps On Windows 11…
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The C++Builder 25th Anniversary: Visual Development, the Power of the C++ Language and 2.5 decades of Continuing Excellence

Delphi version 1 was launched at the Software Development Conference in San Francisco on February 14, 1995. I and other team members would travel around the world giving demonstrations of the IDE, Object Pascal language, VCL components, and database connectivity. When Delphi was released, one of the frequently asked questions was, “where is the Borland C++ version”. At that time we…
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Celebrating 25 Years of C++Builder!

25 years ago, something amazing happened in the world of C++… C++Builder is 25! On 26th February 1997, Borland released the first version of C++Builder. Coming on the heels of Turbo C and Turbo C++ (with which it shared a lot of technology) and the popularity of Delphi…
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The Top 5 Misconceptions About Windows Program Development

The Windows operating system is the most used desktop operating system in the World. Windows 11 launched with a substantial firestorm of publicity from Microsoft. With the new innovations such as the excellent Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) there seems to be a large uptick in interest from coders looking to Windows program development. Microsoft have consolidated their position as the dominant…
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