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Don’t Underestimate Desktop Applications

Desktop applications have been undervalued for a long time. All attention was reserved for web and mobile. While both Microsoft and Apple made strides to evolve the desktop, there has been far less energy and economic momentum behind that platform. Today the maturity of web and mobile, as well as new use cases in collaboration and AI, are fueling a rediscovery of desktops. After all, desktops…
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New in 10.2.2: C++ and Debugger Improvements

In RAD Studio 10.2.2, we’ve made a number of great quality improvements for the C++ toolchain and for the debugger for both C++ and Delphi. Debugger Linux:many fixes when evaluating, especially when passing records or arrays Android: Android debugging was broken…

New in RAD Studio 10.2.1: Debugger Quality

In RAD Studio 10.2Release 1 (or 10.2.1) we’ve made a number of improvements in the debugger. Windows debugging: general quality Do you debug multithreaded applications? You might have noticed that wait chain traversal, showing which threads were blocked on which other threads, was not working on Windows 10. We have re-enabled support and you can now debug thread interaction…
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Using the new REST Client library components to connect to Web & Cloud services (Part 2)

Author: Al M1426 This REST BaaS (Backend as a Service) client tutorial shows how to use the Embarcadero REST Library for accessing REST-based web services (REST stands for Representational State Transfer). The library is available for all platforms that are supported by Delphi. The REST Library framework focuses on JSON as the representation format. XML is not explicitly supported. In Part 1, we…
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10 Top Tips To Develop A C++ App In 2022

When you start to develop a C++ app there are number of tips and tricks that come from experienced developers which can be helpful to you as your start your journey as a C++ developer. In today’s article we gather together a list of 10 top tips to smooth your path as a…

A Delphi Demo with WeatherStack by APILayer

I recently gave a presentation about the use of cloud and REST APIs from Delphi at the Italian Delphi Day conference, at the end of June. Among the various demos, I made some experiments using APILayer REST APIs. In case you don’t know, APILayer is a company that is part…
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The 5 Best Kept Secrets Of Android App Builder Software

Do you know, in the year 2021 when COVID was arguably heading towards dominance, the number of mobile app downloads skyrocketed to 230 Billion [1] worldwide? Of those downloads, a burgeoning majority were for the Android platform. Choosing and using Android app builder software to safely ride that tidal wave to create user-centric apps and capitalize on that demand. With pandemic upending…
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