XE3 Visual LiveBindings: User defined objects

Author: Jim T1392 The adapter components TListBindSourceAdapter and TObjectBindSourceAdapter enable LiveBindings with user defined TObjects. Here is a user defined TObject for example. type TContact = class private FFirstName: string; FLastName: string; public constructor Create; overload; constructor Create(const AFirstName, ALastName: string); overload; property…
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Managing Delphi Expressions via a Bindings List component

After looking to binding expressions and how they can link to components, let’s move to the component aimed for managing binding expressions. In recent blog posts I covered Delphi’s RTL core expression engine and components binding. Now we can make an additional step and look into a key component for the entire bindings architecture, called BindingsList. A binding list is a…
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The Top 10 C++ IDE Features For Native Windows Development

The C++ Programming Language is one of the most widely used software development languages in the world. It can be downloaded easily and, combined with a great C++ IDE, allows you to create native applications which really harness the full potential of the operating system and underlaying hardware. The great variety of sources and hosts for C++ compilers often means users can develop smaller…
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7 Steps To Finding The Perfect IDE Software

What is an IDE? An integrated development environment (IDE) is an application which provides an integrated set of functions and modules used to create software. The IDE is the central point for code editing, compiling, debugging, overall creation and deployment of your…

5 Ways To Modernize Your Data Access Pipeline

Building database applications with Windows IDE: RAD Studio (Delphi & C++ Builder) gives the best experience for developers. For instance, if you want to connect to a database, just drop a database connection component into the project and select the source of the data. Then open the LiveBindings designer and link the database fields to the UI controls and that is it! If you want to…
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