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Open Another Dimension Using the THorzScrollBox Component in Delphi FireMonkey Apps On Android And iOS

The THorzScrollBox component helps you to widen your form. This HorizontalScroll sample demonstrates how to use the THorzScrollBox component to scroll through different pictures on your FireMonkey form.

Yeah, you already think you can make intro windows with that or interactive content! So how to use this component then? Here is our sample for you.


The HorizontalScroll sample shows how to use THorzScrollBox to scroll through different pictures on your iOS or Android device. The sample uses a THorzScrollBox component with four images that the user can move horizontally.


THorizontalScrollForm is the main form that represents the main window of the sample. It contains the following components:


  • The sample uses THorzScrollBox to create a scroll box in a FireMonkey form restricted to horizontal scrolling.
  • The sample uses TImage to display and define 2D image components.

When you run the application, the sample uses THorzScrollBox to show a scroll box in your FireMonkey form with an image attached to each TImage component. The align property of the THorzScrollBox component is fixed to the client so that the horizontal scroll box fills the entire FireMonkey form except for the Tool Bar at the bottom. Therefore, if you slide your finger horizontally anywhere on the FireMonkey form, the images move horizontally.

Check out the full article in the DocWiki about the HorizontalScroll sample.

Check out the full source code for the HorizontalScroll project for Delphi and C++ Builder over on GitHub.

Replicating how to use the THrozScrollBox component is easy with the use of IDE software that supportsAndroid and IOS Applications.

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