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Create A Cross-Platform Photo Sharing App Within 3 Minutes Using C++ Builder FireMonkey

C++ Builder has always been an outstanding rapid application development environment for millions of developers around the world. In this tutorial, you can see a demonstration of building a photo-sharing application in under 3 minutes using the C++ Builder FireMonkey for Windows, Android, and iOS. Note: C++Builder Android support is limited to Android 32-bit.

FireMonkey component called TActionList has a set of built-in actions for your controls. For instance:

  • View actions
  • Edit actions
  • File and LiveBindings actions
  • Media Library actions…

In this tutorial, we go with the Media Library actions. And we will use the TTakePhotoFromCameraAction that takes an image. Then set to the TSpeedButton to fire the action.

After that when you open the Events tab on the Object Inspector you can create an OnDidFinishTaking event and add this one line of code:

Now for the sender button, you just need to create a TShowShareSheetAction and create an OnBeforeExecute event then apply this code:

That is it! With the C++ Builder, you can create amazing apps within minutes.

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