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My 7 Favorite Software Development Productivity Tools

My 7 favorite flexible and powerful productivity tools

There are a huge number of Windows App Development tools available on the market. However, not all of them can boost productivity effectively. So, choosing the right one can be tricky. In this post, you will find 7 of my favorite desktop software development tools. They have enabled me to enhance my productivity significantly. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Delphi

Delphi is an advanced IDE for developing cross-platform applications on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. It enables you to develop native apps rapidly. Thanks to the powerful designing tools and features.

The visual designing menu enables you to drag and drop components to the pallet easily. Also, Delphi supports highly optimized compilers for quickening lengthy compiles. Besides, it helps you to code quickly and accurately by utilizing Code Insight™. Overall, it’s a complete desktop software development productivity tool.

Download a free trial of Delphi from here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi

2. RAD Studio

RAD Studio is a powerful IDE for building high-performance applications in both Delphi and modern C++. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for streamlining and simplifying the desktop software development lifecycle.

You can create user interfaces quickly by dragging and dropping components from Tool Palette to the form. Also, it auto-generates a significant portion of your application codes as soon as you start the project. Besides, UML modeling helps you to improve the performance of your app. So, with the RAD Studio, you get all the productivity features in a single place.

Read more about all the great features of RAD Studio and try out a free trial copy here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio

3. REST Debugger

REST Debugger helps you to explore and integrate RESTful web services conveniently. You can use it to perform testing across the application development cycle.

REST Debugger enables you to test and understand RESTful web services. You can dive right into REST data with filterable JSON blobs to analyze how everything is working. Also, you can copy and paste components from the REST Debugger to Delphi, C++ Builder IDE, and RAD Studio. You don’t have to write any code. So, it can boost your software development productivity.

You can get the REST Debugger for free from here: https://www.embarcadero.com/free-tools/rest-debugger

4. FireDAC

FireDAC is a powerful universal data access library. It provides you with all the features to build data-intensive applications conveniently.

FireDAC offers high-performance data access. The Live Data Window mode enables you to navigate through large datasets quickly. With Cached updates mode, you can track correlated changes for different datasets easily. Also, FireDAC comes with a powerful data access engine, which you can use with the desktop applications directly. Besides, it supports a unified API for helping you to code without worrying about the subtle differences between different database management systems.

Read more about the HUGE amount of features and capabilities of FireDAC here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/firedac

5. Low Code Wizard

Low Code Wizard helps you to boost your productivity by generating the framework of an already working application with basic functionalities. So, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Once installed, the tool runs a wizard, which guides you through the process of generating basic functionalities quickly. There are a variety of options to choose from, including User Account and Application routines. You can configure the Settings screen to change the theme to light/dark. Also, Low Code Wizard enables you to add more screens to your application with less code.

Go to the following GetItNow link to see more on the Low Code Wizard and install it to try it for yourself: https://getitnow.embarcadero.com/firemonkey-app-low-code-wizard/

6. LiveBindings

LiveBindings helps you to visualize live data efficiently. You get the creative freedom of presenting the information more intuitively.

LiveBindings helps you to bind objects to dataset fields. You can drag and drop the visual components from Tool Palette to the form. There is no need to write extra lines of codes. In this way, it helps you to boost productivity.

For a much more comprehensive run-down of what LiveBindings can do for you and how you can use it to create low-code and no-code applications go to this link: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/LiveBindings_in_RAD_Studio

7. Embarcadero Dev-C++

Embarcadero Dev-C++ is a free IDE. It offers a fast, portable and efficient programming experience. If you are looking to compile apps on Windows machines, it’s the right choice for you.

Embarcadero Dev-C++ enables you to create and deploy applications from within the native Windows program. It utilizes the Mingw port of GCC as the compiler. However, you can use other compilers as well, including Cygwin. Being a full-fledged IDE, Embarcardero Dev-C++ provides several key productivity features, such as code completion and customizable syntax highlighting. Overall, it’s one of the best productivity tools for developing desktop applications.

You can read more about the full range of what Dev-C++ can do and download it for free from the following link: https://www.embarcadero.com/free-tools/dev-cpp/

Where can I find all of these desktop software development productivity tools?

You can find all of these amazing tools at Embarcadero. By using them, you can develop web applications easily and quickly. But more importantly, they enable you to enhance your productivity significantly.

Embarcadero’s advanced software tools have enabled development teams around the world to deliver high-performance applications to the clients timely. Try them now for free.

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