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Learn How to Customize Delphi Components With The FMX Styles In This CodeRage Replay

Many FireMonkey developers try to change the properties of the components to make unique designs or styles. But, by changing properties you make a few changes and that is it. What you can do is that you just need to learn how to customize FMX styles.

In this CodeRage session by Ray Konopka, you can find out many demos in action about this topic.

When FireMonkey has first introduced the general strategy for creating styles for the various controls was based on primitives. These were basic building blocks of creating a user interface. The easiest examples of this are the shape controls that are built-in to FireMonkey – R. Konopka

Moreover, you can find out how these designing experiences are created, like Bitmap Rendering and how it works. 

  •  The StyleName is the name by which a style or style subcomponent is known to others and can be found.
  • A control’s StyleLookup property is set to the name of the desired style-resource to adopt that style for the specific control. When StyleLookup is empty, the default style is used.

Be sure to check the Customizing FireMonkey Applications with Styles documentation also!

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