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Learn How To Build Powerful Web Applications In Delphi With IntraWeb And TMS WEB Core

TMS Web Core and IntraWeb are favorite web development tools of Delphi developers the world over. Join this special webinar and learn the intricacies and specifics of these two popular and powerful web frameworks and why you should add them to your web development tool belt. Live Q&A.

IntraWeb offers:

 EvaluationPersonalStandard Ultimate
Available for SeparateXX
StandAlone ServerXXXX
Windows ServiceXX
Integrated Page ModeXXXX
Static ContentXXXX
URL Mapping (Content Handlers)XXXX
IP BindingX
Priority SupportX
Source Code (Most – Some units cannot be redistributed because of licensing.)X
Concurrent Session Limit5
Application ModeXXXX
Authentication ComponentsXX
Session Inactivity Timeout
*Actual session length is unlimited in all editions.
Configurable20 minutes20 minutesConfigurable
Maximum Session TimeNo LimitNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit

Head over and find out more information about IntraWeb.

TMS Web Core offers:

  • Modern SPA web application model
  • Pure HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript based applications
  • Standard component framework for common UI controls and access to browser features
  • Debugging in Pascal code via the browser
  • Backed by a solid, proven & actively developed Object Pascal to JavaScript compiler

Head over and find out more information about TMS Web Core.

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